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We Keep Houston Warm: Quality Gas Furnace Repair

Don't face a chilly Houston winter day with a broken furnace.

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When a furnace stops working, it’ll happen on one of those chilly January days that we get here in the Greater Houston area. Your furnace might be showing some signs that it needs repair work, like turning on and off rapidly, blowing cold air instead of warm air, giving off an odd smell–OR it just stops working altogether.

Give us a call to come out to your home and get your heat turned back on. We have an emergency 24/7 phone line for you to call for prompt assistance in getting your gas furnace working again. Our priority is always to restore your furnace to normal operation as quickly as possible and keep you and your family warm.

Expert Troubleshooting to Diagnose Your Gas Furnace Problem

Based on the information you've provided us about the issue with your broken gas furnace, we'll begin the troubleshooting process. Using visual inspections and diagnostic testing, we can often identify the cause of the problem quickly. For furnaces equipped with filters, we'll start by checking the cleanliness of the filter., which is a common and simple fix for many struggling furnaces. Additionally, we'll inspect other critical components that can wear out, get dirty, or break, such as the ignition system, flame sensor, thermocouple, and gas valves.

Our thorough evaluation also involves testing the functionality of the furnace’s control board and your home’s thermostat system. We'll also inspect and test the blower motor and inducer motor.  We’ll use a multimeter to assess motor windings for continuity and proper functioning. With our wealth of experience and expertise in gas furnace troubleshooting, we can often swiftly pinpoint what is wrong with your furnace and get it fixed. Whether your furnace is completely non-functional or simply not providing adequate warmth, our goal is to identify the root cause, perform the necessary repairs, and get the heat back on.

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Getting Your Gas Furnace Turned Back On

Once we diagnose the problem with your gas furnace, we'll promptly begin our repair work to restore the flow of warm air into your home. If the problem is with the ignition system, we'll thoroughly inspect the igniter system and replace any malfunctioning parts. If your furnace is cycling off and on despite proper ignition, we'll clean or replace the flame sensor; this simple fix often resolves the cycling issue.

In cases involving the inducer or blower motor, we'll address any faulty capacitors, apply lubrication where necessary, and check the motor bearings for smooth operation. If a motor lacks continuity based on our multimeter testing, we'll replace the defective motor to ensure proper functionality. Additionally, we'll check and clear any blocked ducts or venting that may be contributing to the problem. Whatever the issue may be, rest assured we'll find a solution to restore your heat.

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Our Final Checks and Clean-Up

Before concluding our furnace service at your home, we ensure that your heating system is performing at its best. We verify that the startup sequence occurs smoothly, free from any unusual sounds or indications of ignition system issues. Additionally, we ensure the system shuts down properly. We thoroughly inspect for potential gas leaks or abnormal odors and confirm proper airflow into the house while effectively venting any combustion gasses out of your home.

We will make sure that your thermostat or other home system is providing you with the necessary information and control to keep your home at the temperature you need to stay comfortable. To ensure the system meets our high standards for performance, we conduct a complete heating cycle test. Once we're confident your system is functioning optimally, we’ll let you know about any simple maintenance you can do before our next tune-up visit. We always clean up after being in your home and leave you in the comfort of your warm home.

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Save Yourself Trouble and Money With a Maintenance Plan

A wise way to avoid emergency visits and cold nights without a working furnace is to have us come out to tune up your furnace for the winter ahead. Not only will you lessen the chances of your furnace breaking down, but your furnace will also operate optimally, saving you money on energy bills and extending its life.

Get your heat back on by calling us now!

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