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Ductless Mini Split Installation Services in the Greater Houston Area

A cooling and heating system that’s versatile and efficient.

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At Champion and Nash, we’ve recently seen ductless mini-split systems rapidly gaining in popularity in the Greater Houston area, and for good reason. Their efficiency, versatility, and affordability compared to traditional ducted systems make them a compelling choice in many situations. These systems are particularly well-suited for add-on rooms, outbuildings, or any space lacking existing ductwork.

Additionally, they excel in addressing temperature control challenges in specific rooms that experience excessive heat gain from sunlight or struggle to maintain warmth during winter. Even entire homes can be cooled and heated with a system of ductless mini-split systems. There’s so much these units can do.

Considering a Ductless Mini-Split Installation at Your Residence?

If any of these heating and cooling scenarios apply to your situation, don't hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation regarding a ductless installation. We'll inspect your home or outbuilding's layout and structure to offer an optimal heating and cooling solution. Additionally, we'll assess your electrical infrastructure to help us plan the possible location of the indoor and outdoor units. We’re familiar with the other details that can come up with installations in the Greater Houston area and provide you with guidance on how to navigate them.

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The Champion and Nash Technicians Arrive for Installation

Upon arrival for the installation of your new ductless mini-split system, our technicians will already have a plan for the installation. They will have the new equipment and all the necessary tools they’ll need to install the units efficiently. Our installation plan will include the best placement of both the indoor and outdoor units, along with any required brackets or attachments for installation. Typically, our ductless system installations can be completed within a day or a day and a half, depending on the project's scope.

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We Prioritize Safety and Aesthetics When Connecting to Your Power

In contrast to a ducted central air conditioning system, installing a ductless mini-split system is relatively straightforward. We'll connect the indoor and outdoor units using refrigerant and electrical lines that are tightly sealed and cover them with a line set cover. Our priority is ensuring a clean, professional appearance that also protects your lines from damaging elements. We make sure there are no leaks, that refrigerant is at optimal levels, and that there is proper drainage of any condensation to the outdoors. Electrical power will be set up according to specifications we found during our initial inspection work. We will connect it all to your power panel safely. Every ductless mini-split installation we do is a little different, but we have years of experience in dealing with the quirks of home heating and cooling, rest assured that we’ll get it done right.

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The Final Checklist: Inspection, Testing, and Commissioning

Once the work of the installation of the units is done and your new system is powered up, we start testing. We won’t leave until we know your new ductless mini-split system is working to our high standards. We run a diagnostic to check the pressures, charges, connections, and performance of the indoor and outdoor units. When we hand you the remote control, we will be confident that your new system will be cooling and heating the area to your satisfaction throughout the seasons of the year.

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We’ll Clean Up Our Work Area Go Over Operations and Maintenance With You

As the proud owner of a new ductless mini-split system, we'll provide you with instructions on how it all works. The controls are user-friendly and offer various functions for customization to suit your heating and cooling needs. We'll recommend straightforward maintenance tasks such as any filter changes and troubleshooting common issues. Additionally, we’d be delighted to enroll you in a maintenance plan, with annual visits to keep your ductless system performing efficiently and reliably for many years.  Get your new ductless mini-split system now by calling us!

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