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Residential heat pump systems are known for being reliable and durable, but sometimes, things can break, leak, or wear parts. When your heat pump isn’t providing you with warm or cold air when you want it, give us a call to come out and fix it.

We have local technicians all around the Greater Houston area, making it easy for us to get to your home promptly and fix your heat pump problem swiftly.

When Should I Call an HVAC Technician to Fix My Heat Pump?

Here are some common signs that you will want to call us out to fix your heat pump:

  • If your heat pump isn't delivering the usual heating or cooling performance, it's a sign of a potential issue.
  • If it’s not working at all, then give us a call. 
  • Grinding, screeching, or rattling noises can mean that something has gone wrong with the moving parts of your heat pump system. 
  • Unusual odors coming from your system, especially mildew or mold, require inspection.
  • The heat pump is turning on and off frequently. 
  • Any sign of leaking of the refrigerant. If there are hissing sounds and frosted coils, then that can be a sign of a problem. 
  • Ice accumulations on your outdoor unit are a sign of a problem with your heat pump's defrost functions.
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What Can You Expect When We Come Out to Service Your Heat Pump?

Our team of HVAC technicians is trained to ask questions and get to the root of the problem right away. Our first questions will be about what you’re experiencing with your heat pump’s performance. When did you first notice the problem? What are you noticing? Have you done any troubleshooting on your own before calling us? This will help direct us to the problem quickly.

Based on the information that you give us, we’ll perform a combination of visual inspection and electronic diagnostics. Once we identify the problem, we will communicate what we discovered to you and let you know how much and how long it will take to get your heat pump running again. We can usually get the job done within 1-4 hours, based on the complexity of the fix.

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What Kinds of Things are Causing my Heat Pump not to Work?

The most common performance issue is a dirty air filter. If your heat pump doesn't turn on at all, it could be a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker – both usually easy fixes. More complex repairs might involve replacing worn or broken parts or addressing refrigerant leaks or pressure issues. Our technicians will have replacement parts if you have a component that is worn or broken. If you are having a problem with refrigerant leaks, we will find the source of the leak, replace the lost refrigerant, and make sure that it’s flowing through your system correctly.

We deal with problems ranging from electrical problems to broken fan motors. Our goal is to have your system up and running so you can enjoy a comfortable home by day’s end.

Will I Need to Replace my Heat Pump?

If your unit is less than 10 years old, you’ll still get plenty of years of good use out of it. If it’s older than ten years, you might want to consider investing in a newer system. Advances in technology can make new systems more energy-efficient, saving you money on both repairs and energy bills. We can give you an estimate for a new system and let you know what benefits you can expect from a new heat pump system.

Time to Enjoy Your Fixed Heat Pump

Once we’re done and we’ve tested your heat pump system to ensure it’s running optimally, we’ll clean up after ourselves and give you a summary of our work. We pride ourselves on the respect we show to the homes of our customers in the Greater Houston area. We usually recommend a regular maintenance plan to help prevent future emergencies and keep your system running smoothly.

Call us now for an appointment to get your heat pump fixed!

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