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Heat Pump Installation Services in the Greater Houston Area

Cooling and heating that’s energy-efficient and compact.

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The technology surrounding heat pumps continues to impress as they become more and more efficient in producing heat and cool air by moving warm air. By using the laws of thermodynamics, a heat pump system takes advantage of new refrigerants to move heat in or out of a house.

The mechanical aspects of heat pumps are also advancing to make home comfort easier, more efficient, and customizable. In the Greater Houston Area, Champion & Nash installs top-quality heat pump equipment, whether you're switching to a heat pump system for the first time or replacing an older, less efficient heat pump system.

It Might Be Time to Change Your Whole HVAC System

The popularity of heat pumps continues to rise with the advances in technology and the incentive to have more energy-efficient systems. If both your AC and furnace are starting to show signs of age, it might be a smart move to replace the two systems with one system that can do it all. Here in Houston, we have the advantage of experienced HVAC technicians who can help you determine the best solution for your home comfort needs.

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Does Your Old Heat Pump Need Replacing?

If you already have been using a heat pump at your home, you might have an older, less efficient heat pump system that needs an upgrade. We can help you get that done as well. We can remove the old heat pump and properly dispose of the refrigerant, recycling components as much as possible. Your new heat pump will give you more choices and save you even more money on your home cooling and heating bills. If the air handler also needs an update, we can help you with that as well.

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Planning Out the Installation of Your Heat Pump

When you call us for a heat pump installation, we will send someone to your home to assess your current HVAC system. This comprehensive survey will help our technicians understand your current ductwork system, the electrical setup, and the condition of your current air handler, identify potential unit placement locations, and determine the necessary venting work needed. We'll also ask you about your expectations for a new heat pump system so we can recommend a system that meets your specific needs.

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Our HVAC Technicians Have Years of Experience in Heat Pump Installations

On the day of the heat pump installation, we will arrive with a complete plan of action to get your new system set up efficiently. We'll know what parts of the old system need to be removed and what tools we'll need to get the job done right. If local permits are required, we'll take care of that for you. The installation process typically takes one to two days.

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We can help with your AC, heating, and plumbing needs

You can count on Champion & Nash for fast, effective, and well-priced solutions tailored to your needs.

Outdoor and Indoor Heat Pump Units are Put in Place

We'll place the outdoor unit on a level pad in a location that is out of the way and clear of anything that will interfere with airflow. This unit is where the air will be drawn in or out of the house, depending on whether it's heating or cooling. These outdoor units have fans that run much quieter than conventional air conditioning units. The indoor unit is mounted on a wall in a suitable location where it can function effectively without being in the way. These two units are connected by a refrigerant line, which is the key component that enables the heat pump to cool and heat your home.

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Ductwork and Electrical Connections

If you have existing ductwork from your older central air conditioning or heating system, we'll connect the heat pump to that system. We'll either use your existing air handler or suggest a new one with more advanced settings than older models. We'll ensure that all of the ductwork is sealed to prevent warm or cold air loss and keep dirt and dust out of your filtered air. Then, we will connect the wiring according to electrical safety standards, matching the power requirements of your heat pump for year-round operation.

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Starting Up Your New Heat Pump System

We have a checklist of items that we go through to ensure that your system is blowing both cold and warm air. We’ll check the functions, the airflow, and how the thermostat is engaging with the units. Once we feel like it meets our high standards, we’ll show you the basics of how your system will work using your thermostat. We’ll also go over any other features of the heat pump system so you can get the most out of its capabilities.

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We’ll Clean Up Our Work Area and Recommend Yearly Tune-Ups

We'll clean up thoroughly after ourselves and leave your home knowing that you'll be enjoying cool or warm air whenever you need it in the years to come. Your heat pump system is an economical way to condition the air in your home, especially considering the extreme weather conditions we experience here in the Greater Houston area. We highly recommend scheduling a yearly maintenance visit from our qualified heat pump technicians to keep your equipment in top shape for years to come. Get your new heat pump system today by giving us a call now!

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